Our Program

No Nonsense

Our philosophies in agriculture production are focused on a ‘No Nonsense’ approach. Simply put, the cattle must be practical, efficient, economical and, above all else, meet the needs of the marketplace that they were produced for.

A rigid culling program ensures that the herd is continually achieving higher excellence. The cow herd calves unassisted on pasture in May and June. There is no distinction in management practices between the purebred and commercial cow herds. “they either work…or they don’t…they’re functional…or they go!”

In a similar way, the bulls aren’t pushed as yearlings. After weaning in November, they undergo a full 15 months of evaluation and are sold between 18 – 20 months of age after they have matured and are ready to go to work. In order to continue progression and advancement, only the superior bulls are offered for sale. Any bulls that don’t measure up to this standard, end up on the meat counter.

Each year performance and grading information is collected on both herds of cattle to evaluate and improve the genetics of the herd. Rawes Ranches was the first Charolais sale in Canada to print EPD’s (Expected Progeny Differences) in the sale catalog. We have been collecting carcass data on the yearling bulls since 1999, long before there was industry incentive or economic gain.

We don’t sell bulls by privately, nor do we consign to other sales. We want our customers to have equal opportunity to every bull that is offered. We believe in the auction system and are confident in allowing our product to sell in the open market.