About Us

Fourth Generation Family Operation

Today the operation is comprised of both a purebred herd, a commercial herd, and the land base to support the pasture and feeding requirements. Four generations of family have been involved and dedicated to the ranch, with Philip now managing the day to day activities.

Each new year begins with excitement. Preparations for the bull sale held annually on the third Tuesday of February are the focus. March is bull delivery season, something Philip eagerly looks forward to. Each trip is a new experience and a chance to connect with customers and friends and learn more about other operations and areas. We are fortunate to have good help that can keep things upright while he is away.

Once bull delivery is done, the preparations for calving are soon underway. Cows are moved from winter pastures to calving pastures where they have plentiful grass and shelter. Currently, our breeding program is a combination of AI and natural. We feel this diversity has allowed us to manage pastures better, while not sacrificing the advancement of our genetics. Our AI program is still done the old fashioned way with visual heat detection of natural cycles. Sometimes this can seem like a chore, especially during July when we are gathering AI cows and watching the campers and boats heading out for a weekend of fun.

Our harvesting begins in August with a little bit of hay, and a whole lot of silage. And as we all know, harvest can last as little or as long as mother nature decides. We like to be wrapped up by mid September so we can put together our annual old fashioned threshing bee.

Soon after the equipment is put away, plans for weaning and wintering begin. During the first week of November, calves are brought home to the feedlot where they get their first taste of silage and grain. At the same time, cows are gathered in large groups for winter management.

Over the years we have realized the benefit of a hands-on management approach rather than hiring out certain aspects of the operation. Our cow herd is bred and raised at the ranch. We know every cow,  who she is, where she came from, her strengths and her weaknesses. Similarly, every bull we offer for sale has been bred and raised under the same management.

Many things have changed for us and our industry over the years, but one thing remains a constant here at the ranch; we are always working toward progression and advancement.